Sunday, May 27, 2018 - Sunday, June 3, 2018 Daily @ All Day
Salt Spring Island

Ignite your Passion by Being Exceptional Retreat

Embark on a journey of Being Exceptional.

Mind / Body – Maintain your health through yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Spirit – Uncover dormant or unknown creativity, clarity, peace and happiness in knowing contentment of being yourself.

Energy  – Renew your energy levels by re-igniting your passion for life.

Self-Care – Protect your energy and sanity from being sucked out of you by being grounded, creating a personal bubble built on strong boundaries and compassion.

Diversity – Reveal your authentic and unique self without apologies, and make changes you want to make.

Sing, Dance, Create, Explore – Rediscover your Passion in a nurturing, open-minded environment.

The Retreat is designed to spark your passion and keeping it alight.

  • Learn a Hatha Yoga programme consisting of asanas, meditation and mindfulness in maintaining physical, mental and spirit health, daily.
  • Gain tangible insights how and what small positive changes can exponentially increase emotional stability, health, and how to honour your potential by accepting your fantastic qualities instead of focusing on your limiting or negative qualities.
  • Implement Meditation and Mindful technique to gain peace of mind, solid grounding, happiness, freedom from suffering (worry, concern, self-hatred, and more), and change negative to positive thinking patterns, diminish stress, anxiety, fears and depression from having a hold on your life.
  • Let go of past criticisms, anger, disappointment, regrets, and shed what others think you are, what you’ve accepted as truth (but are not) about yourself from your family, friends, bosses, co-workers; but importantly how to move forwards with the authenticity.
  • Learn how your public, private and secret lives contribute to the whole of you.  No apologies necessary – keep them separate, meld, or create new lives.  Your life, your choices.
  • Cull your tribe – release yourself from drama, chaos, and confusion by discerning between wolves, vampires and the real true friends and family. What lies do you tell yourself to keep this cycle going?
  • Repattern your behaviour and thinking to make new ‘routines & habits’ that reflect your needs, wants and desires rather than moving through life by rote, obligation, the past or other people’s choices for you.
  • Become at ease with your personal presentation:
    • Move easier with correct posture, walk with confidence and movement that promotes health by diminishing poor body habits
    • Communicate with clarity, on point, say what you want and need to, improve the quality of sound of your voice, diction, and intent.
    • Make peace with what you look like, size, shape, and how other’s see you – make changes where you want to.
  • Personalised step by step plan to continue to grow and maintain your unique, and authentic self by growing new habits and keeping changes throughout the year

You should attend if you want to discover your authentic self, make real change, develop new habits and live with passion.

  • In-depth knowledge of your mind and body health.
  • Gain energy, power, renewed passions, self-awareness, confidence, ease and acceptance of being yourself.
  • Personalised step by step plan to continue to grow and maintain your new habits throughout the year
  • All participants receive a participation certificate
  • Accreditation of 65 CPD hours


  • Free Yoga Mat
  • Priority booking to the following year’s retreat

A strong desire to make changes, improve and ignite your passions

What to bring

  • An open mind or a mind that wants to be open to new thoughts, experiences and people
  • Cup for tea/coffee, water container
  • Wear easy fitting clothing, slippers, and socks

What you don’t need.

  • Conform, share or participate in anything you don’t want to
  • No previous yoga or meditation experience is necessary as the yoga is for all abilities.

Special Needs

The intensive is open to those with Special Needs – hearing and visually impaired, as well as other challenged.  Please contact Cilica before registering to make sure we can meet your needs.

General Note

The retreat’s content is not a one size fits all training, learning and self-discovery. Techniques are based on best practices to live a simplified life where you can diminish drama, chaos, and indecision.

Training that acknowledges your individuality as a human whatever place you are at and honour your heart to improve.

There is a completion of a questionnaire for continued self-growth at the end of the retreat.  Please complete within a month of the retreat.


Open to only 25 participants

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Sunday, May 27, 2018 - Sunday, June 3, 2018


All Day


Salt Spring Island